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Commercial collection agency, Tucker, Albin and Associates, understands that commercial debt collection isn't a pretty business. It's both frustrating and deters you from your business goals. That's where Tucker Albin steps in. We've assembled an industry-leading, large-scale and comprehensive network of technologies, commercial debt recovery specialists, collection attorneys and private investigators. In plain English, we've fashioned a net so wide and finely woven, we capture more delinquent accounts on auto-pilot than other commercial collection agencies do working at their hardest. The best part? All it takes from you is a brief phone call to a Tucker Albin account representative.

With a can-do spirit and a positive perspective that's unusual in a commercial collection agency, we take non-performing accounts and transform them into profit and peace of mind for you. Stop watching all your effort, time and money swirl down the all-consuming drain of delinquent customer accounts. Instead, leverage our expertise and experience in commercial debt collection and accounts receivable management to boost the bottom line on your balance sheet. Your business will perform better, and you'll feel better.

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I just wanted to take a few moments to THANK YOU for all that Tucker, Albin & Associates is doing for us here at in Fresno. Your staff has bent over backwards to assist us in whatever we need and they do an outstanding job. Our industry is difficult with regards to collections, but T/A seems to have a great read on our customers. Our debt collection efforts have been made much easier just knowing that we have T/A behind us.

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Does debt collection seem dirty to you? If so, Tucker Albin will re-define collection agencies for you. The only thing more important to us than collecting your money, is doing so with as much professionalism, proficiency and polish as possible.

Collection Guarantee: No debt recovery, no fee. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Why are we comfortable making such a promise? Simple: because of our...

Debt Collection Experience and Expertise: Our specialists have between 15 years and 35 years of experience. That's right: our least experienced commercial debt recovery specialist has 15 years of experience. There isn't any kind of debt we haven't collected. Every debt is different, and every debtor calls for a different debt collection approach. We've mastered them all. Some need a firm approach. Most are successfully resolved with negotiation, mediation and finesse. While we will be as aggressive and persistent as necessary, we always employ...

Tact: The key differentiator for consummate professionals is polish. Yes, we collect more debt, faster. We also do it in a way that preserves your business integrity and reputation. This is more important than just maintaining solid business relationships (you'd be surprised how often today's debtor can turn into tomorrow's star client, when they're handled with care), it's also about...

Debt Collection Law Compliance: An oft-overlooked facet of commercial collection agency services is compliance with the myriad rules, regulations and laws. We're not only representing your company to your customers (see “tact” above), we're also active, educated participants in FDCPA and FCRA compliance. But don't worry; we're not bureaucrats. We're nimble enough to promise...

Debt Recovery Speed: We do more than just collect debt faster. Any commercial collection agency can make that claim. We also pay out the debts we collect faster. Here, Tucker Albin stands alone. We want your lifetime business, and that requires good business practices, transparency and open communications. In fact, you'll quickly discover that we pay out more than just cash:

Debt Collection Strategy and Risk Assessment: At the same time we collect funds, we also procure useful information. For example, sometimes it's just not possible to recover all funds. Is litigation a logical next step? What if the debtor doesn't have assets to collect against? We'll provide critical business intelligence so you can make the smartest business decisions. This means:

Improved financial performance with commercial debt recovery: With the expertise that comes from performing commercial debt collection agency services, and nothing but, we can cut your costs dramatically and maximize return-on-investment. Plus, thanks to our savvy approach methodologies, you'll enjoy improved customer satisfaction and retention.

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