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Kelly Bradby
Dir. Development
Westinghouse Lighting Company

I highly recommend Tucker, Albin & Associates. Their proactive, thorough approach in debt collection has greatly benefited us. Kenneth Groom's services have been integral in managing our overdue invoices, freeing us to focus on other tasks. Their consistent responsiveness and solid work ethic are commendable. Trust them for stellar results."Please note that minor tweaks were made to shorten and fit within the character limit while maintaining the essence of the message.

Evan Stahl

I started working with Kevin Thomas of Tucker Albin & Associates in March of 2020 and it’s been a pleasure ever since. The communication received from him and his team has been flawless. I receive confirmation when I place an account and I also receive weekly updates for that extra peace of mind. Any time I have questions or need pertinent information, Kevin is there to answer. The success rate has been phenomenal, and I feel confident when I place an account with Tucker Albin that it will be collected.

Success Rate

Our success rate is 37% higher than the industry average.

Our debt collection process is handled by top talent to ensure everything is recovered
Conversion rate placed within 3 MO.
Conversion rate placed between 3 & 6 MO.
Conversion rate placed between 6 MO. & 1 YEAR.
Conversion rate placed between 1 & 2 Years