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Our goal is to allow you to focus on growing your business by taking on the burden of commercial debt recovery.

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Tucker, Albin & Associates is one of the few U.S. based asset recovery firms that is able to assist in international debt collection. We have a network of affiliated agencies and attorneys throughout the globe ready to assist in international asset recovery. We partner with local attorneys and organizations to ensure that local laws and best practices are followed.International debt recovery can be time-consuming. Our goal at Tucker Albin is to allow you to focus on growing your business by taking on the burden of debt recovery. Time spent recovering bad debt is time not spent generating new business and servicing existing customers.Our international expertise utilizes state of the art techniques in identifying assets and in determining how best to approach the customer mindful of local law and ethics.We tailor our approach to debt recovery based on a number of factors such as the amount of bad debt outstanding, time past due, the business’s relationship to the customer, and international laws.Depending on the above-named factors we are able to employ one of three techniques in an international setting.


Full Commercial Debt Recovery

  • Attorney-monitored investigation
  • Asset and Liability investigation using the latest forensic tools
  • Private investigators and more

This is our most thorough and successful approach utilizing local counsel in all major metropolitan cities around the world. Typically used in those instances where the daily outstanding balance has fallen into the net 90 category or is deemed unacceptable, or when the debt is in danger of being classified as a bad debt necessitating a bad debt reserve, or when the company is in breach of contract, liens of judgments have been filed, bankruptcy is a possibility, or their status as an ongoing concern is in doubt.


Diplomatic Debt Mediation

This less aggressive approach is ideal for the situation where the customer relationship is to be preserved. This approach more appropriate where a long-term customer is involved, or where there is a personal relationship with the customer. It is also commonly used where the customer is paying current invoices but has neglected past due amounts. It could be characterized as a modification of existing billing policy where diplomacy is key.


Commercial Debt Litigation

An aggressive approach where debt is past 90 days, or where bankruptcy is an issue. A last resort to be used where the amount due is significant and other approaches to recovery are not likely be successful. Our network of attorneys and associations around the world, working on a contingency fee basis, are ready to step in if litigation is necessary.All services are on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless you get paid. A win-win for all.Our goal is to lessen the significant burden international debt recovery can entail so that our clients can focus on their business. Our international expertise can efficiently address the issues associated with debt recovery such as high DSO (daily sales outstanding), a growing net 90 balance, costs associated with recovery, and cash flow issues.We also employ current technology to allow for real-time monitoring of the status of collection efforts. Our efforts will ensure that your voice is the loudest and that when bills are paid, you’re first in line.

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